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No matter what day it is, when you drive by BMPC, you will see cars parked at various places in front of the church. If you get out and come in, you’ll observe a flurry of activity as people enthusiastically come in and out, carrying out their particular mission to make life in some part of the world (including our valley and our church) a little better in God’s name.

Almost everything that goes on in our church is Mission, with a capital M, and that includes our staff, who go about their work of helping the members of the church be the missionaries that we all are called to be.

Mary Katherine Robinson
Pastor and Head of Staff
Bob Tuttle
Interim Parish Associate
Michael Barker
Director of Music & Worship Arts
Chandler Guess
Interim Youth Director
Alice Patton
Director of Preschool Ministries
Emily Wilder
Finance & Operations Director
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Spencer Kilgore
Jackie Kerr
Director of Communications
Lisa Matayabas
Administrative Assistant