Our Mission Ministry Team

The Mission Ministry Team is the group of church members who help coordinate our Mission to the world. We are a dedicated group of church members that meet monthly to pray together and to discern where and how God’s Spirit is calling us to invest our energy and resources, and to work to promote the mission opportunities to BMPC and the larger community. Current Mission Ministry Team members are: Bill Bale; Griffin Dodd; Anne Drummond, chair; Barbara Gaw; Susan Jumper; Dave McClintock; Polly Miller; Patti Pyle; Margo Smith; Grace Stitt. Please contact chairperson, Anne Drummond with questions about the Mission Ministry Team. There are many Mission Teams that are part of the Mission Ministry Team that carry out the work for a specific project or partnership. Some of those Mission Ministry Teams include Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now) Mission Team, Room in the Inn Mission Team, the Friends of Creation Team, and the Domestic Violence Prevention Team. The Domestic Violence Prevention Team has created a Domestic Violence Prevention Policy that can be found here.

The Friends of Creation

Friends of Creation Mission Statement: “In accord with “A Guide to Greening Presbyterian Churches” (PCUSA), the Friends of Creation will promote increased stewardship of God’s Creation, coordinating with Worship, Education, Facilities and Mission. We will -Celebrate Creation in worship;

Teach our community of faith so that in their daily lives they can be better stewards of Earth’s resources;

Find and initiate ways to reduce our facility’s impact on the environment;

Be examples for others;

Hope to leave a better world for future generations.”

Creation Care links:

PCUSA Environmental Ministries

Presbyterians for Earth Care

Western North Carolina Green Congregations

Please email David Kaylor or Jim Layman to learn more about BMPC’s Friends of Creation.

Where our mission money goes

As a church of around 650 members, we gave away $150,000 in 2017 to ministry partners here in Black Mountain and around the world to aid them in their ministries of compassion in the name of Jesus Christ! We also got our hands dirty with the thousands of volunteer hours that our members donated to SVCM and other ministries that we are involved in. Every week of the year our members give leadership, helping hands, cans of food, listening ears, and meals packaged or prepared and served with a smile!

As is our tradition, in 2017, our Session designated 10% of the overall annual church budget for our Outreach & Global Mission Ministry Team to disperse to denominational, local and international mission partners with the $85,400 available to them. Happily, we anticipate his year’s financials to report that 14% of the church budget supported Outreach & Global Mission – a total of $127,400, including special offerings and our Alternative Christmas giving. We support over 15 local ministry partners, our PCUSA denomination, our Guatemala Partnership, several international mission organizations, and five International Presbyterian Mission Co-workers in Louisville, KY, Malawi, Taiwan, Madagascar, and South Asia.