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Worship at Black Mountain Presbyterian Church strives to be a lively, faithful, and stirring representation of the work of God’s people in proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our committed congregation and talented staff unite to proclaim the good news, to comfort one another and to be invigorated to work for justice and peace in the world. We gather for worship weekly in our fellowship hall and sanctuary for corporate worship; we also gather at other times and places and in smaller groups for special services as inspired by the needs of our congregation and the needs of the world. Through hearing the word read and proclaimed, by making music together and by engaging in the liturgy, we ourselves are fed and are enabled to be God’s people in service for the world. With two distinctive worship experiences on Sundays (along with other worship experiences) we seek to offer a choice for persons who seek a comfortable environment in which to be challenged in faith and service. Music and the other arts help us experience God’s presence and grace in new ways when words alone are insufficient. You may read more about our worship and how music and the arts enliven our worship here, but we also encourage you to visit us for Sunday worship, or any of our other worship or fellowship events.



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Easter Anthem: Festival Canticle

Amen, Siakudumisa (Amen, We praise your name, O Lord)

Sanna, sannanina (Hosanna)


Christian worship joyfully ascribes all praise and honor, glory and power to the triune God. In worship the people of God acknowledge God present in the world and in their lives. As they respond to God’s claim and redemptive action in Jesus Christ, believers are transformed and renewed. In worship the faithful offer themselves to God and are equipped for God’s service in the world.

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