Music & Worship Arts

Choir020-websiteChoir088-websiteSong unites the faithful in common prayer wherever they gather for worship whether in church, home, or other special place. Drama and dance, poetry and pageant, indeed, most other human art forms are also expressions through which the people of God have proclaimed and responded to the Word.

Directory of Worship W-2.1003 and W-2.2008

The people of God give voice to their worship through the spoken word and through music. Some also articulate their worship and praise through the performing and visual arts. At Black Mountain Presbyterian Church, the whole worshiping congregation participates in singing. We also seek to employ the talents of visual and performing artists from our congregation in the context of our weekly worship and other settings and events. Ours is an enthusiastically singing congregation: we even sing unaccompanied at times in order to hear the beauty of the human voice offered in praise. We are also an incredibly talented congregation. From novices to professional, persons in our congregation paint, sculpt, sketch, solder, carve, stitch, make rhyme and move. Those in our congregation who would not describe themselves as musicians or artists yet appreciate the serendipity of what takes place in worship and in fellowship as authentic expressions of the grace-filled spirit of every member and visitor.