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art2Our congregation is blessed with a considerable population of working artists in various media. These persons have shared their gifts with our congregation in a variety of ways, but more importantly have kept our congregation mindful of the value of arts in worship and our congregational life and of vesting our facility with artistic expressions. There are two broad categories of the visual arts in our congregation. First of these is art for use in our worship spaces. These include banners and other cloth installations, but also such things as our Blessing Wall of Lent 2013 and the Stations of the Cross experiential worship service of 2012. Secondly, our narthex gallery features works by many of our visual artists throughout the year. Our Art Ministry oversees art placement around the facility in both of these categories. Our artists work with worship designers and planners to place art in our worship spaces that is relevant and interpretive of the themes and seasons of the church year and our worship life.H4Hnarthex

Sanctuary renovations

At the beginning of this century there was interest expressed at BMPC in exploring our worship and seeking opportunities to revitalize our Sunday morning worship services. The congregation engaged in a self study, applied for and received a grant from Calvin Institute (, sent one of our members for training, and read and discussed Tom Long’s book, Beyond the worship wars (

We have been reaping the fruits of that period of study and discernment ever since. One of the most visible manifestations of that study has been a re-visioning of the chancel area of our mid-century modern sanctuary. The platform was greatly expanded and elements made moveable.

In later years transitional elements were made permanent, new furniture was added and choir seating was improved (moveable platforms and new chairs). Eric Thompson ( was the artisan engaged to create new chancel furnishings. We are still in the planning and funding stages for a new pulpit, lectern and clergy seating.