Welcome to the Weekday School

Mission Statement

The Black Mountain Presbyterian Church Weekday School ministers to the young families of our community by combining Christian faith with the highest standards in early childhood education. Through our ministry each child is challenged to reach his or highest potential as a respected and loved child of God.

About Us

The Weekday School has been an integral part of the Black Mountain Community since 1984. We are a half day preschool open from 8:30-12:30, serving children ages 1-5 for the academic year, September-May. Through a warm accepting climate and an enriching program, we hope to give children a natural step from home to school. To achieve these goals, we believe that the teaching methods and techniques used must be based on a proper understanding of child development and how young children learn. Our school is committed to a program consistent with the highest standards of early childhood education in which the Christian faith is shared by children and teachers.


Educational Philosophy

Black Mountain Presbyterian Church Weekday School provides a program in which Christian faith is taught and shared by children and teachers, and which is consistent with the highest standards of early childhood education. The Weekday School curriculum supports the belief that children learn best through active involvement with materials, other children and adults in developmentally appropriate play. Our approach is focused on the whole child and how that child learns physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, culturally, spiritually, and in language and literacy. We seek to integrate all the domains of development by including experiences in creative art, language and communication, dramatic play, math, science, community, self-help skills and faith development. All of these are interrelated and progressively build in each classroom to provide an optimal experience in early childhood education.

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